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Printable Publishing Online Made Easy – Simple Guide To Help You Profit

How to Create and Sell Digital Planners Online

One of the best things about having a tablet or a smartphone is that it allows you to ditch all those physical books, planners, and notebooks. If you want to learn how to create and market digital planners, you’re on the right track.

The best free PLR planners work on any device, whether it’s made by Apple, Samsung, or any other company. Digital planners allow users to break free from pen and paper, and they present incredible marketing opportunities to online sellers. Here, I’ll give you an easy system to create and sell your next digital planner.

Date it Or Leave it Alone: The Choice is Yours

In the world of digital planner PLR, there are two choices: dated and undated planners. When starting the creative process, it’s important not to hyper-focus on the layout, design, colors, and audience, as these details can be determined later. To start, the best thing to do is to decide whether you’re going to follow a calendar or go with the flow.

Branding is Crucial

Before flooding the market with new PLR low content books and planners, it’s best to stick to the basics. The most popular digital planners have cohesive and consistent branding. What does that mean? Simply put, a cohesive brand is one that looks the same as far as layouts, fonts, and colors are concerned. Consistent brands have one or two standout design elements that set them apart from the competition. 

When creating a new printable, decide in advance if you’re going for an eclectic, luxurious, flowery, urban, or funky vibe and choose a color palette that reflects those feelings. While this doesn’t mean you’ll use the same colors ever time, it does require a certain degree of consistency. Example: Creating a flowers themed PLR calendar pack to sell on Etsy.

The point I’m trying to make is that, unlike a physical planner someone buys in hopes that it will meet ALL their needs, digital planners are much less expensive. These are an easy, fast purchase that won’t weigh down your handbag (or lighten your wallet!)

Design Your Planner

The best PLR printable stores succeed because their owners take the time to find the right design tools. One of my personal favorites is Adobe’s InDesign. It’s flexible enough to use for planner layouts and typography art, which is great for those in the printables field.

InDesign has a rather steep learning curve, though, so it’s important to stick to the basics. On paper, write down how you’d like your planner to look. Then, use Microsoft Word, Keynote, Canva, or another easy tool, or outsource the work. Technology concerns shouldn’t keep you from starting a low content publishing course. Find a method that works and stick with it. By following a step by step printable publishing course, you’ll be able to start developing your own line of profitable PLR journals and planners and get them up for sale on sites like Etsy.

Market It and Make Sales

Of all the places to profit from PLR Puzzles, Etsy is one of the most popular. While there’s a great deal of competition, there are plenty of potential customers to go around. If you’re a blogger, you already have a captive audience to which you can market your printables. If you don’t have a blog, though, you may have to run some paid traffic to get people to your storefront.

Closing Thoughts

If you want to get into an online business with few startup costs, almost no overhead, and no inventory to keep, digital printables and PLR activity pages for kids are a great option, you can download free PLR coloring pages, edit them with your branding and styling, and then resell them for profits online. By following the tips I’ve provided in this guide, you will be well on your way to generating a nice, steady stream of passive income. Good luck, and I hope to see some of your products for sale soon!